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CORPI IN VERTIGINE (bodies in vertigo)
 is a 34-minute performance performed in premiere at the Fordham University, Lipany Gallery, New York.
The project is poetic and intimate, searching for an oft-forgotten distinctiveness.
The dizziness is a deep emotional state expressing a hidden desire to escape a situation.
In modern society, we often have to choose between being and appearing. A world that demonizes diversity and isolates those who don't surrender to align with the social criteria or who cannot. We often decide to dress a mask because we are scared to be alone. But our nature is stifled, causing existential vertigo.
CORPI IN VERTIGINE scours and rummages in our deep memory and attempt to reconnect us with our unicity and desires.
PERFORMER: Grazia Capri
MUSIC BY Stefano Cavazzini

PRODUCED BY corpi_Grazia Capri 
Fordham University, Lipany Gallery
in partnership with the Department of Italian Literature and The Department of Visual Arts at Fordham University in New York.
Fertile ground showcase - Green Space Studio New York.

Sans Limites Dance Festival - New York.
Chashama 266W 37 st. di New York.
Idaco Festival in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture of New York - Baruch Performing Arts Center New York.

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