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has Italian origins. Her movement-based bodywork, contaminating different languages, aesthetics, and formats, has been performed in Theaters, Museums, and Galleries in several European cities and NYC.

Poet of bodies, Grazia creates portraits of solitudes. She brings poetic and intimate to a hybrid form of performing art, helping the audience enjoy and investigate body and movement in contemporary art while talking about a few social issues, exploring loneliness in different social contests such as the fil rouge of the modern condition, and focusing her attention on the intimate experience of the individual. 

Grazia considers her work with the body as the medium for a path of deep self-knowledge and purifying healing, searching for a primordial nature.


Trained in Ballet, Modern dance, and Contemporary dance attending courses at CID (International Dancer Center) in Rome, La Raffinerie in Brussels and La Menagerie de Verre, and Centre National de La Danse in Paris, Grazia achieved a bachelor's and Master's degree in Theater and Dance History at the University of Bologna (Italy), and an advanced training diploma and a specialized diploma in Benesh Movement Notation at the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Musique et de Danse in Paris (CNSDMP). During her four years of specialization at the Conservatory, she reconstructed and staged choreographic excerpts from the repertoire of Alvin Ailey, José Limón, Merce Cunningham, and Angelin Preljocaj through the Benesh Movement Notation scores, for the third-year contemporary dance students. 


In Paris, she started an independent path of choreographic experimentation to generate her writing. Since 2008 she was granted artistic residencies in Paris, London, and Berlin, and she created choreographic projects halfway between dance, theater, and visual arts, performing in Galleries and Festivals around Europe; to this period belong: ON BEING AN ANGEL, two years of residency at Mains d'Oeuvre in Paris; PER VOCE SOLA, residency at Space @Clarence Studio in London; ISLANDS; ANGELINE, residency at Corpo6 Gallery in Berlin; ANATOMIE D'UN ANGE.


In 2015 Grazia moved to New York, where she continued to work on the format's contamination, opening a deeper reflection on memories and the resulting body images.

She began an artistic collaboration with the composer Stefano Cavazzini, with whom she created a series of works like CORPI IN VERTIGINE #2, in partnership with the Department of Italian Literature and The Department of Visual Arts at Fordham University in New York); SILENT BREAT, BREATHING UNDERWATER, TERRA FIRMA, and AGATA, in partnership with the Museo B.Romano of Termini Imerese/Palerme and the patronage of ICOM.

Grazia is also a 500 hours certified Yoga Teacher.

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