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Independent author, choreographer, and performer, Grazia trained in ballet in Palerme, later won a scholarship to the CID in Rome, where she accomplished the RAD diploma (Royal Academy Diploma) level 1 and trained in the Cunningham and Limón modern dance techniques. She obtains a Bachelor’s and Master's Degree in Theater: University Degree at D.A.M.S. University of Bologna, Italy, she also trained in contemporary dance attending courses at La Raffinerie in Brussels. In Italy, she works with some artistic realities, such as the Centro Petralata directed by Anna Catalano, Il Balletto di Sardegna, and Luca Bruni among others.

 She then moved to Paris, where she attended contemporary dance courses at La Menagerie de Verre and the Centre National de la Danse and worked with some choreographers such as Serge Keuten and Patricia Alzetta. She enters the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSDMP), where she obtains an advanced training diploma and a specialized diploma in Benesh Movement Notation, with Eliane Mirzabekiantz. During her four years of specialization at the Conservatory, she reconstructs and stages choreographic excerpts from the repertoire of Alvin Ailey, José Limón, Merce Cunningham, and Angelin Preljocaj for the third year contemporary dance students. At the same time, she took part in the choreographic composition workshops of the choreographer Cristine Gerard at the CNSDMP, participating for two years in the production Le Louvre en Mouvement, a collaboration between the Louvre Museum and the CNSDMP coordinated by Cristine Gerard.

Since 2008 she has undertaken an independent path of research and choreographic experimentation, with a wish to generate her movement and personal writing.

 A first project, SOFFIO- SOLO POUR TROIS VOIX, was created during the short residency in Micadanses in Paris. 

Its followed by the first creation as an author entitled ON BEING AN ANGEL (produced by Mains d'Œuvres, Paris and Le Chemin du Solo, Beauvais-France) that sees her author and interpreter of an unusual body writing, in collaboration with musicians Miguel Henry and Guillaume Thibert. 

The two-year artistic residency at Mains d'Œuvres, with Angela Conquet as the Artistic Director of the dance department, allows her to develop original, movement-based bodywork, contaminating different aesthetics and formats, methodologies, and poetics, and creating an exclusive range of expression.

Between 2010 and 2014, she produces diverse choreographic projects halfway between dance theater and visual arts, generating a hybrid language. To this period belong BEYOND (re-staging of ON BEING AN ANGEL) presented at the Edinburg Fringe Festival, where she receives excellent reviews and is join the showcase of the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh. On that occasion, she meets the choreographer Paola Bianchi, who invites her to be part of the Festival C_A_P05 DeviAzioni with a world premiere of PER VOCE SOLA an intimate solo about gender violence and the concept of captivity and limitation of physical space. Followed by ISLANDS (site performance for the project In&outboard, London); ANGELINE (site performance in co-production with Corpo6 Gallery, Berlin); ANATOMIE D'UN ANGE (dance video co-produced by Ale&Lux and selected at the Festival dança em foco in Rio de Janeiro).


In 2015 she moved to New York, where she continued to work on contamination, focusing more and more on an intimate and minimalist aesthetic centered on the body and its expressive possibilities. 

The new choreographic research opened to a deeper reflection on memory, and the resulting body images, which take her from time to time to establish an exclusive channel of communication with the audience and to investigate a different setup of the performative space.


She begins an artistic collaboration with the composer Stefano Cavazzini, with whom she creates a series of works such as CORPI IN VERTIGINE and CORPI IN VERTIGINE #2, where she tackles the theme of physical and psychological vertigo starting from the mythological figure of Iphigenia in Tauride (in collaboration with the Department of Italian Literature and The Department of Visual Arts at Fordham University in New York); followed by a triptych that explores the theme of "travel" from the intimate, through the symbolic to touching on current events' with SILENT BREAT, BREATHING UNDERWATER, and TERRA FIRMA


Of an autobiographical nature are the recent productions TRACES OF ME and FROZEN SKY with music by Antonio Vivaldi (in collaboration with Creative Performance Network and Dixon Place Theater in New York); FROZEN SKY video-poetry with original music by Gianluca Rizzo. 

In 2021, commissioned by the  Museo B. Romano, she realizes the performance AGATA, poetically inspired by one of the paintings of the Pinacoteca (in collaboration with the Museo B.Romano of Termini Imerese/Palerme and the patronage of ICOM

(International Council of Museums) and the Department for the Cultural Heritage of Sicily’s Region, where she returns to deal with gender violence.

© Grazia Capri  2010

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