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AGATAcreated for International Museum Day in collaboration with the Museo Civico B.Romano of Termini Imerese, Palermo, under the patronage of ICOM (International Council of Museums), the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, and Sicily Region 2021. 
The painting Il martirio di S.Agata ( S.Agata martyr) poetically inspires the solo, focuses on the story's human aspect, and actualizes the young woman's drama. In the intimacy of her cell, the latest breaths. Memories and emotions crowd into a battered and mutilated body. Agata dies for denying herself to a man. The solo is a contribution to the fight against women's gender-based violence.
PERFORMER: Grazia Capri
MUSIC BY Stefano Cavazzini

PRODUCED BY corpi_Grazia Capri and Museum B.Romano, Termini Imerese, Palermo(ITALY)
Museum B.Romano, Termini Immerse, Palermo (ITALY) May 2021
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