Yoga 4 Creativity Program

If you want to energize, improve, unlock your creativity ask for the 3 months of Yoga 4 Creativity Program. It is well known that the ancient art of yoga promotes health and wellbeing, but a great side benefit of regular yoga practice is it dramatically supports and broadens creative expression.

Yoga practice and the refining of the inner emotions, while bringing balance to the body, mind, and soul, leads to a vivid vibrancy of artistic expression in a person. Most of us through the traumas of life and the taming of our instincts have drifted away from our authentic selves. Yoga encourages us to be real. It helps us to connect with our true feelings and our deepest selves. Yoga supports us to tap into the yearning of our soul and the unique creative expression wanting to flow through us. In the 3 months, we are going to work in one to one sessions to activate your sacral chakra trough specific asanas practice, alignment,  pranayama, chants, and meditation. research is showing that meditation changes the physical structure of the brain in significant ways.   Sitting on the mat in meditation after practicing intentional movement connects us to something greater than ourselves, to the cosmic force of the universe, the source of all creative power.

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