Yoga for Strength and Stamina

Strength and stamina are essential for general health ( good posture, a balanced nervous system). This yoga class offers a different perspective on what it means to build true strength. Reinforce and realign your body, improve your endurance and calm your mind, build muscles without lift weights. True core strength really lies much lower and deeper inside the body.

Strength and Stamina class helps to improve bone density, reducing our risk of osteoporosis; stabilize the joints and help to prevent injuries; improve your metabolism and has a positive effect on our mental health. Over the years Grazia has developed a personal yoga conditioning work focused on muscle strengthening, improved flexibility, alignment and stability of joints, and preventing of injuries.

n this class you are going to:

1) incorporate strength conditioning exercises to traditional yoga poses, to help with joint stability (hips, knees, shoulders) and muscular balance.

2)improve your confidence.

3)learn sequences to increase your flexibility, core, and stamina

4)clear and calm your mind.

you won’t be using weights you will be using only some yoga props and resistance bands.


Strength and Stamina private class is suitable for most students, all level. Modifications and options will be given. Classes are going to be lead at the space of your choice.

If have any questions about the class please email: or call 347 567 0240

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